Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice final trailer – Trailer Review

For those of you who don’t know, I had a pretty huge rant about the second trailer for this movie. I don’t think I’ve ever so passionately detested a movie trailer before.
This one though, this one different.

It is the last one, and so had to be spectacular, similar to the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer three that set the internet on fire. And, much like in that image above, flames erupted with this trailer.

Looking back on the first two trailers, this one is the best of the lot. In fact, I wish this was the only one. It combined the fast pace of the second trailer, with the hype of the first. It didn’t spoil anything major (that hadn’t already been spoiled in trailer two, that is).

The opening was great. It showed us so many things in basically a few seconds. Jeremy Irons’ Alfred will be more hands-on than any we’ve seen before, similar to the Arkham games, and Ben Affleck’s Batman is just perfect. That opening action sequence was as close to Batman from any Arkham game I’ve played or any graphic novel or comic book I’ve read. Look, I love Nolan’s movies, but they didn’t have this side of Batman, really. He was pretty much a weak fighter. That was more of the Ninja side of Batman. Michael Keaton was a good detective, and let’s not delve into any Batmen under Joel Schumacher. Snyder’s, or Affleck’s, Batman, feels like Batman. I was really skeptical about Affleck’s casting back in 2013, but definitely not anymore. Coming to think of it, this really is a Batman trailer. The teaser focused on Superman, while the other two trailers were a mix. Good balance.

There’s barely any new footage at all. Even some of Lex Luthor’s lines are carried over. Luthor, by the way, will not disappoint, despite what everyone already is complaining about Jesse Eisenburg’s portrayal.

The score for this trailer is just brilliant. The music consistently builds up and drops, and it adds a great effect to it. This subtlety and tone is really what this movie needs, and I hope the final product is something similar.

The final shot. Oh my goodness, that final shot. I’m not even going to describe it, just watch it. Henry Cavill’s acting is incredible.

This movie has been building up for over 75 years, and I’ve never been more excited to see it. Please, Warner Brothers, do not mess this up.


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