Captain America: Civil War trailer 2 – Trailer Review

I needed something really badly to halt my hype train for Daredevil Season 2 and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Marvel, the kind folk they are, answered my call. But there is a side effect – This is all I can think about now!

This trailer was really told in single frames, so I’m going to do something like a frame-by-frame review, which is what it deserves.

Right off the bat, you know this movie will look beautiful. Just look at this wide shot.

I’m not quite sure what significance this place has yet, but it looks great.

Now I need to talk about the score. The first trailer felt energetic and was really about hyping fans up for the action they’d see, but what I love about this trailer is that it’s really subtle, and the music is soft but deep, and really has a progressive build as the trailer goes on. That sets the tone really. And with that, there are a couple of places that I’d noted that really will hit you hard, the first of which is actually something that I’m sure not that many people have caught.

When General Ross talks about the places that have been destroyed, he mentions Sokovia, and you see Scarlett Witch wince. In the background, as the focus shifts to him, you see Steve Rogers eyeing her, and then says “That’s enough”. Just that one shot is so beautiful. Wanda is still dealing with the effect of her home being destroyed, and she really is still a child after everything that’s happened to her. I love how Steve has a kind of fatherly relationship with her. It really is beautiful.

The next one comes a few seconds later, with the explosion that’s seen in the first trailer. T’Challa was in that, and I say T’Challa and not Black Panter because he was in the suit the whole time in the first trailer. This was the first we’ve seen him without it, and he looks devastated. He was in that explosion, and it’s unclear as to why, but it’s possible that it was a United Nations event, and he was there with his father. In Civil War, his father dies in that event. Maybe… Maybe.
And once again I will say that Chadwick Boseman is a great choice. He really is. 

The last frame I’d like to talk about is something we’ve already seen in the first trailer, although in this one they show War Machine being shot down. Do I think he’s dead? No. I think he’s saved before impact, because they wouldn’t show a death in a trailer. Now what I’d actually like to talk about with this part is the dialogue. “I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you”. You really get some insight to Tony Stark’s view here. It’s amazing. Steve Rogers can fight for his friend, but he’s willing to risk Stark’s best friend for it. Just think about that. This movie will be an emotional thriller, and I’m sure of it. The Russo Brothers are perfect for the job after they did The Winter Soldier (they’re directing Infinity Wars too).

Now let me get to a few of the action reveals. This seems beautifully choreographed, to a point where it appears to not be choreographed at all, which is a compliment, mind you. First you see Black Panther maul over The Winter Soldier in a complete mess, but that’s why it’s so good.

I mean look at it, it’s a mess in all honesty. But that’s what makes it great. I don’t like action scenes that look fake, like in the Star Wars prequels, but the ones that seem raw and inspired, like in The Return Of The Jedi when Luke Skywalker snaps and brutally assaults his dad. That’s what the action in the movie feels like. And that’s beautiful.

Even Black Widow, wow. Her character looks to be great in this. Characters, all of them are spot on in this, and I love how Black Widow is being made to be that important, considering she’s really close to Steve Rogers, but believes in Tony Stark’s ideals, and that’s she’s just lost the man she loves. Her role will be important, and I have a feeling she might betray Team Iron Man. Which I have no problem with.

This scene. For all the people who said Vision could just annihilate the other team, they forgot that Scarlett Witch is uncontrollably powerful.

But it’s worth remembering that these are good people. Neither would want to kill anyone from the other team. Vision because he’s too pure, and Scarlett Witch because she’s too timid. This is very interesting. And I’d like to see if they’ll go the romantic route with these two. It’s what they’re known for.

I need to quickly mention Crossbones taking a jab at Captain America. I have a feeling he’ll have a really big role in this movie, and comic book fans would know what I mean by that. We still haven’t seen Baron Zemo yet, and it’ll be nice to see them save that until the movie. 

The last action scene I need to talk about is the one in this picture.

I just… Wow. I knew we’d have moments like these, but looking at it is just so great. And he goes through Iron Man’s fingers and lands on his arm, it’s so magnificent. And look at that refined detail on Hawkeye’s arrow. They went all out with it.

Finally, before I get to the main talking point, this one frame.

That is how you pack emotion into acting. That is unbelievable. From the low colour scheme to the make-up to the eyes and his expressions. Robert Downey Junior, in this one shot, show’s Tony Stark’s anger, fear, sorrow and raw pain in this moment. Just look at it. One expression. That is exactly why he’s paid so much. I’m pretty sure that nobody else could have pulled this off. Unbelievable.

And I’ll talk about something with Steve Rogers too, to even things out. “Stay down, final warning”, said Iron Man. “I could do this all day”, replied Captain America. Didn’t get it? That’s straight out of the street fight scene in Captain America: The First Avenger. I liked that reference.

And finally, of course, the thing after the title. I had a bet with a friend about this yesterday before the trailer came out. And let’s just say I’m two rupees better off now. What I’m talking about, of course, is in the first picture of the review.

“Alright, I’ve run out of patience. Underoos!” I liked that line from Tony Stark. It was as if he broke the fourth wall. And then, he appeared. And he looked so amazing. That suit is an exact replica of the classic Spider-Man suit, and I love that they went that route. The expressive eyes are a good addition too. Also, I liked the one line he had. “Hey everyone”. That is as Peter Parker as Peter Parker can get, and suddenly I have an unbelievable amount of faith in Tom Holland’s portrayal. Also, I squealed like an eight year old. No regrets.

This is a trailer. This is how you make a trailer. And I can’t believe there’s still two months to wait. May 6th can’t come any sooner!


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