The Justice League Trailer is Just… Bad


I’m going to get a lot of hate for this. Oh well.

Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for the Justice League movie, and it leaves me wondering why.

Last year, the Comic Con ‘First Look’ introduced the characters in this movie. This trailer does nothing more, except add a few frames of destruction.

I’m not saying there should have been spoilers or anything (I’m not a fan of trailers that do that), but I’m not sure what the aim of this trailer was. Some of the action does seem great, but there are so many shots that just look like someone vomited out CGI. We’re three movies in (four if you count Wonder Woman) and you would think DC would learn from their previous mistakes. Zack Snyder can be a visually talented director (as Watchmen would indicate), but when it comes to action in the DC Cinematic Universe, he tends to make his sets and pretty much every frame look overcrowded, unappealing and occasionally hurtful to the eye. I was hoping for something different with this film, but this trailer proves me wrong from start to finish.

On the subject of CGI, Cyborg looks laughably bad in this trailer. I’m certain he’ll be fixed before the final film, but given that this movie releases in November, couldn’t the CGI just be finished before putting a trailer together? That is apparent, the fact that this trailer seems rushed amid all the buzz Marvel has for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and even Thor: Ragnarok. It takes away from what could have been, however, as the trailer does feel like choppy bits of film put together with some music. It starts off cohesively, and then jumps into a mess. Warner Bros. should have taken more time with this and released something that made this movie seem like the one to catch this year, but it failed to hit the mark.

There are a few interesting moments in this, however. We see Mera, Barry Allen meets his father, and JK Simmons’ Jim Gordon gets a moment at the end. The trailer needed more of those. The rest of it just felt like it was trying to sell its action and destruction, which I’m never a big fan of.

Another thing that bothers me is the colour palette that is used across the trailer, and seemingly across the movie. Zack Snyder has always used bland colour schemes – which isn’t especially bad because the bright colours stand out more – but it’s even more dull than usual in this, and that’s a concern for me. I don’t want to be watching a movie in which there’s a boring, monotonous choice of colour throughout. I hope this is corrected before the movie comes out.

DC tends to release great trailers (except the second trailer for Batman v Superman, my boiling hatred for which you can read about here), but this one fell flat. Maybe I’m being too harsh, and I probably am, but DC has been disappointing for three films in a row, so this film needs to be something special and nothing less than that. It’s funny that this is actually a Justice League movie and should be something I’m losing my mind about, but DC and Zack Snyder’s track record leave me skeptical and ultimately critical. I probably stand alone on this opinion about this trailer, and that’s okay, but the hole has been dug so deep for DC that they need something less generic and less sloppy than this to pull themselves out of it.

Note: I usually attach the trailer at the end, but after moving to WordPress, I can’t do that unless I buy a premium plan… So trailer reviews are going to have to be trailer-less for a little while.




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