A Tribute to The Undertaker


WrestleMania 33 just culminated, and to be honest, it really was The Ultimate Thrill Ride, in the sense that it took my emotions and threw them around like a they were nothing.

This isn’t a review of the show, which I originally planned on writing.  Something much bigger has come up and I simply cannot avoid it.

The Undertaker lost for the second time in his WrestleMania career. Surprisingly, it was a gripping loss. Naturally, Roman Reigns has received the “Most Hated Man in Wrestling” award, but that was incredible. As a match, it was great, but as a story it was greater. If this is a passing of the torch moment, then it was one to be remembered.

More importantly, and pictured above, it would appear that The Undertaker is retiring, and the match he just wrestled was his last. That made me tear up a little bit. I immediately decided to write a tribute to him. Keep in mind, it won’t be long as I’m half asleep (It’s 10 AM here and I haven’t slept all night), but I hope it is heartfelt.

To The Undertaker,

It took me by such a surprise that I’m quite unsure about what to say. The most obvious thing to do is echo the tragically dead crowd of your supposed last match, and thank you. Thank you, Undertaker, for a quarter century of selfless, honourable commitment to wrestling. Thank you for being the truest guy in any locker room, and the one who loved the wrestling industry the most.

Thank you for spurring so many careers while never truly putting yourself in the spotlight. Thank you for entertaining millions and making yourself a household name even to non-wrestling fans. Thank you for your legendary Streak, and for giving me one of the most memorable moments of my life when it broke three years ago. Thank you for the iconic gong, walk, fire, attire and everything that came with it.

Thank you, Undertaker, for making wrestling what it is. Thank you for being there through the good times and the bad, and for the infinite matches and memories I will so dearly cherish for my entire life.

Thank you, Undertaker, for being The Undertaker.



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