The Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Has (Norse) Godly Amounts of Awesome

The internet was buzzing last week when James Gunn stated that the Thor: Ragnarok teaser is the best Marvel ever put together (and if James Gunn says something, you better believe it), and rumours began spreading like wildfire of the teaser being released soon. This teaser was so anticipated, in fact, that Screen Junkies News even made a video discussing the fact this is the regular time before a Marvel movie that a teaser is released. There was a lot of anticipation for this.

Having said that, it has been received in a mixed manner, which is not surprising for the internet. However, I would like to consider my agreement with James Gunn entirely justified. The complaints are majorly the fact that the teaser has a rather light tone, and that apparently the whole film has been given away.

Taika Waititi is directing this movie, and if anybody knows anything about his films, they’d know that he specialises in comedy (and, in the rarest of occurrences these days, does spectacular comedy), and that he never said this film would be otherwise. The funniest thing about this complaint of the teaser being too funny is that there is barely anything to laugh about in it. Let’s break it down.

We see Thor lose his most prized possession. Really funny. We see Asgard get annihilated. Hilarious! Thor gets kidnapped. That’s a great laugh.
The only moment that offers a laugh is one which does it great, and it comes right at the end with the Hulk reveal.

Now, having said what is in the teaser, it should be known that everything that is seen is all from the first to middle-second act. Mjolnir being destroyed has been known for a while, Asgard’s fall is one of the basic constituents of Ragnarok in Norse mythology (and, subsequently, Marvel’s Norse mythology), and the Hulk reveal? Has anybody who criticised that not known anything about this movie?

The final criticism I will address before going on to vomit out praise regards the music. There is no argument here. It is amazing.

In fact, I’ll start with the music. It gives you goosebumps. Granted, the ‘high pitched screech’ is nothing new, but it is entirely appropriate for a movie like this, as is the fast paced back track, which ensures a quick-moving thrill ride of a movie to come. That’s actually something Marvel deserve applause for, in all of their teaser trailers. Their movie scores may not be anything special – except perhaps The Avengers’ one – but their trailer tracks are brilliant.

Now, I can only assume the opening setting is Muspelheim, meaning Surtur is likely involved in that scene, or more appropriately it could be Helheim, seeing as Cate Blanchett’s Hela is seen prominently early on. Speaking of, she is just magnificent, and in her few seconds on screen, appears set to be one of Marvel’s best villains to date. Valkyrie is seen, and her role in the film becomes clearer. Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is also seen, as is Tom Hiddlestone’s (perfect) Loki. My fears of overcrowding in this film have vanished, seeing just how balanced all the characters are in this teaser. Even more so, the fact that the movie will get going right from the start makes it all the more exciting.

Now, the final Hulk reveal was inevitable, but I was not expecting it to be as it was. That’s the brilliance of Waititi’s comedy: it hits you when you least expect it, and it lands, without ruining important moments (looking at you, Doctor Strange). Thor initially seems shocked, then scared, about The Hulk’s appearance as his opponent in The Grandmaster’s arena, but then he laughs and almost celebrates the prospect of facing a friend – who will supposedly not hurt him – and finding Bruce Banner after he goes missing. Of course, that doesn’t exactly pay off, and the final, mouth-watering shot is the two of them colliding.

Just exquisite.

My excitement for this film sky-rocketed after watching this trailer. My biggest concern for it is the release date, which puts it very close to the Justice League and may hurt the film’s commercial success, but I hope people don’t refuse to watch it in order to watch the Justice League. Do yourself a favour. Watch both.

After a run of mostly mediocre trailers as of late, this teaser really stands out. Well done, everyone who put it together. James Gunn was right.

As I can’t place the trailer here, I’m presenting you with the link to it, over here.



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