13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why is So Polarising

I don’t usually do list articles, mostly because I’m not a big fan of their robotic nature, but I felt as if I had to make an exception, given the nature of the Netflix series in question.

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series that focuses on thirteen tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, in the week following up to her suicide. It is told from the perspective of Clay Jensen in the present, and Baker in the past.

Being the last person in the world to watch this show, I was heading into it with the knowledge that it is this year’s Stranger Things, which isn’t an exaggeration, considering the fact that the internet won’t shut its mouth when it comes to this. Was it? No. It absolutely wasn’t.

It wasn’t typically bad either, but… Kill me (too soon?). I can’t see why everyone loves this show as much as they apparently do.

I’ve decided to list out thirteen points regarding the good and bad about the show, which are all below.

This show is based on a book, which I have not read, so this will be from a purely-television standpoint.

  1. The pilot episode for 13 Reasons Why is one of the most gripping pilots I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t wait to watch more after the credits started rolling.
  2. ↑ Some performances in this show were truly moving, especially from the leads Dylan Minnette, and Katherine Langford.
  3. ↑ The two characters that they portrayed were compelling in their own senses, and were good characters to base a story off.
  4. However, most supporting characters in this show are bland and one-dimensional, with some even experiencing about one emotion for the whole series. Some characters feel like they exist for a singular purpose, and once they have served that purpose, they feel more like a liability to the series.
  5. This show is a dauntingly powerful reflection of high school life, as well society’s views on teenagers, young women and the role money has to play in education.
  6. The biggest problem this series has is that it suffers from tiring repetition, with episodes seemingly being clones of previous episodes, forcing the viewer to painfully get through them for one small piece to be added to the larger narrative. This probably wouldn’t be noticeable if one were to watch this as an episode-a-night. It would sort of be like the idea of a new evil meta-human every week on the first season of The Flash. But when you watch about three episodes at a time, like I did, it just drags on.
  7. On that note, this series is about two episodes too long, suffering from the 13-episode syndrome that Marvel’s Netflix shows have made so infamous. There are a couple of episodes in the middle that could be cut out entirely and would barely effect the overall series.
  8. Much like Marvel’s Netflix series, this show really started to kick into gear around episode nine, going places I didn’t expect it to go. That was a good sign.
  9. In the final third of the series, something is revealed that took place in the past that should have had its effects last for the whole series, but wasn’t even touched upon until that point. It doesn’t make sense that something like this wouldn’t have visible effects on one of the main characters from the start.
  10. Towards the end, two supporting characters become fleshed-out, and I started to like them. Actually, I loved them. It was great to see them become who they became.
  11. The series finale was a good episode, certainly one of the best in the series, but there are a couple of flaws.
  12. There is an overall lack of satisfaction at the end, and something happens that is so anticlimactic, I felt like throwing my phone at the television.
  13. There is an obvious set-up for a second season. This is the one common thing this show has with Stranger Things: It would have been better if it was only one season. But with Stranger Things, the show is flawless and so a second season is something I’m excited for. What’s worse with this is that it is set up with a premise that appears to be very similar to this season, and without spoiling which character seemingly committed suicide in the finale, it felt like utter disrespect to the character to just be killed at the very end and have nothing else to that. If there is going to be a second season, it better not be thirteen episodes, because I don’t think I’m willing to drag myself through that again.

As I said before, this is not a bad show. There are some elements to it that I loved. But it is nowhere near as great as everyone told me it would be. Maybe my own high expectations let me down, but there are noticeable problems with this show that need to be addressed if the second season (which has now been confirmed) is to be made.

On a scale where M is the lowest, and R is the highest possible rating, with the highlighted letter being the rating:

13 Reasons Why: MIHIR



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