The Last Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer is Exactly What It Should Be

I don’t usually have my featured images be vertical posters, but I had to make an exception with this one because a) That’s the only new picture I could find for this movie, and b) That new poster is just awesome.

What is (hopefully) the final trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived, and it is awesome.

In contrast to my earlier very long review for The Flash season 3 today, this will be a short review. Also juxtaposing that, this will be pretty positive.

This is a very well made trailer, for one particular reason: its music. It begins pretty upbeat, very in line with the tone of this movie, and then when Michael Keaton’s Vulture comes on screen, it turns on its head and becomes quite ominous. This is actually a really nice touch, even though it’s a pretty big cliche in the world of movie trailers. With this particular movie, however, I hope it’s an indication of how both characters will be. It also sets up The Vulture to be one of the more memorable Marvel villains, which would be a good streak following the greatness that was Ego the Living Planet. That is a weird sentence.

In terms of what’s actually in the trailer, I don’t have much to say because most of it has been seen before. I did particularly like the shot of the Vulture taking Spider-Man up into the sky with him.

Overall, this is a trailer that gets you excited for the movie just by showing you things you’ve seen before, to different music and edited slightly differently, and strangely, that’s not a bad thing. This is actually a great trailer, and July can’t come soon enough!

You can watch the trailer here:

Stray observation: Much like Batman v Superman, this movie has a good first trailer, a second trailer that gives too much away, and a groovy, brilliant third trailer. I really do hope the similarities end there, though.


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