Despicable Me 3: Stop Before This Becomes Another Shrek

Illumination are back with their cash cow of a franchise in Despicable Me 3. Following the train wreck that was Minions, the sequel to Despicable Me 2 is a muddle of a story regarding a grown child star villain, Gru’s newly discovered twin brother, unicorns, pigs, rogue minions, motherhood and probably a couple of other things.

I actually had expectations for this film, and to be honest, I was satisfied. I’m just not praising it too much because it’s nothing special.

The first two films were quite enjoyable, and Minions was unnecessary. This film felt like a mix of the second film and Minions, because the minions have their complete own story in this film, separate from the main story. Surprisingly, I enjoyed that more than the main story.

The main story was okay but it felt ridiculously plucked out of nowhere. In the previous films, Gru grew as a character along life, and the second one featured a villain who aided the story.

This one goes right back to his roots in a completely unbelievable way, and the villain is a walking laugh gag who isn’t tied in with Gru in any way but is an arbitrary plot device.

Every other character, except Edith, have their own little story going along and it only really exist to add to the run time and give the characters some sort of reason to be on screen.

I did enjoy the dynamic between Gru and his twin, despite its crazy context. This is the core of the movie and it does provide some good substance.

However, this is when this should stop, because this is a fitting end to Gru’s story and this has clearly lost a lot of its flavour. If it chooses to go too far, like Shrek, it could be remembered as less than what it deserves to be.

Overall, this movie is a complete melting pot, but is entertaining and would be a nice farewell to Gru, his family and (mercifully) the minions.

On a scale where M is the lowest and R is the highest possible rating, with the highlighted letter being the rating:

Despicable Me 3: MIHIR


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