Suits (seasons 3 and 4) Only Gets Better As It Goes Along

Usually around the third or fourth season (or sometimes both), a television show dips so low, it wouldn’t even make sense how its first two seasons were so good (looking at you, Arrow). When it comes to Suits, however, the curve appears to be going up and not even hinting at coming down.

I reviewed the first two seasons of the show here, and I will review 5 and 6 together when I am done with them.

Season three of Suits takes the show in a new direction, and I think this is only something that one would notice if they binge watch the show continuously like a maniac. Season 1 was a series of miscellaneous cases that was almost like an anthology series. Season 2 involved a number of related cases. Season 3, however, revolved around a single case, and surprisingly it was intriguing all the way through.

Of course, there are other elements involved in the third season, but this is more or less how it is, and it pans out rather well. What’s even better is that the show knew when to put a halt on story elements and not have them drag. It felt like the season actually wrapped up a few episodes before it ended, but this is a compliment because if it went on, it would have become boring.

Regardless, even the last few episodes were well made, and overall the season was basically flawless.

On a scale where M is the lowest and R is the highest possible rating, with the highlighted letter being the rating:

Suits (season 3): MIHIR

Season four, however, took a little slump.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still a great season, but it isn’t as compact as season three. The writing is a little all over the place. There are a million and one story elements that do all work, but it’s all told a little sloppily.

However, the fourth season of Suits, above all else, is a character-driven season. Every character has an arc, and it’s great to see. The story clearly took a back seat in order to enable the characters in the show to be at the forefront, and I think that was a great decision.

Really, season four feels more like a transition season than anything else, and even though I am yet to watch it, I feel like season five might be a lot different to the rest.

That review will come up whenever I finish season six.

Suits (season 4): MIHIR


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