Suits (seasons 5 and 6) Refuses to Be Anything Short of Brilliant

I don’t know how this show does it, but it somehow manages to outdo itself with every season.

Suits season 5 focuses primarily on Mike Ross’ fraudulent career as a lawyer, and season 6 deals with the aftermath of this.

Season 5 manages to take every character on the show and elevate them tremendously. Its story is by far the most engaging so far, and the stakes are higher than ever. It is sort of like the fifth season of Arrow in the sense that it feels like closure for the first five seasons, and it’s great. I can’t say much about this because I’d be giving away spoilers, but I will say that it was the best season of the show.

On a scale where M is the lowest and R is the highest possible rating, with the highlighted letter being the rating:

Suits (season 5): MIHIR

Having said that, it should be noted that the fifth season of Suits was the best, until season six came along. I will not reveal any plot details because it would involve spoilers for season five.

Season six is shorter than any of its predecessors and in being so, it is the most compact and most engaging, with every single moment being of utmost relevance. However, there is one subplot with Louis Litt that I feel is really unnecessary, although it could have relevance in season seven.

Everything about season six is perfect, except what I just mentioned. It’s almost completely independent of every other season and is just a tight, gripping story. And it ends on an apparent fresh start for the show.

Even with that strange subplot, I can’t help but give the sixth season of Suits the full rating too.

Suits (season 6): MIHIR


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