Pickle Rick (Episode 3): Rick and Morty Season 3 Review Run

It’s amazing that we live in a world where this exists. 

Rick and Morty’s third season rolls on with Pickle Rick, an episode in which Beth, Summer and Morty all go to family therapy to deal with Beth and Jerry’s divorce, and Rick turns himself into a pickle to get out of going with them. 

Off the bat, let me just say that this season of Rick and Morty has been surprisingly deep, and it’s no different with this episode. 

While the family sits through therapy, a series of events leads Rick through a gory action adventure of survival as a pickle, through the sewers and then trying to escape some sort of high security action movie clichĂ©d villain’s headquarters. 

The only thing I knew about this episode was that Rick was going to be a pickle (let’s be honest, that’s all you need to know), but I certainly did not expect it to be as awesome as it was. I did not think it possible to centre a hardcore action story around a pickle, but I was wrong. 

Ultimately, the episode is about Rick’s ability to be open with his daughter Beth and how much he really loves her. Sure, it is told in the most Rick and Morty way possible, but it is still great to see how this season is more than just out-of-this-world weirdness (although, of course, that is still there). 

Pickle Rick is as weird as it is brilliant. If you told me a half hour was ever going to be focused on a sentient scientist pickle, I’d call you insane. But something like this could only be a result of insanity, so I’m not complaining.

On a scale where M is the lowest and R is the highest possible rating, with the highlighted letter being the rating:

Pickle Rick: MIHIR


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