A Look at 3 Comic Con Trailers: Stranger Things, Justice League, Thor: Rangarok

I am writing this article before any other trailer has been released, so should an Infinity War trailer actually be made public soon, I’m just being stupid here. That will get its own post though, should it be released. Also, I cannot have the trailers here, so if you want to watch them, find them on YouTube.

Stranger Things season 2

The greatest thing I can say about this trailer is that it convinced me that a second season for this show is a good idea. I loved Stranger Things but I felt like it could have been a one-season show, but if this trailer is any indication, the awesomeness is not over. And Eleven is alive. Obviously.

It’s clear that the second season of this show will not be as restricted as the first to only a certain set of characters. Logically, more people are going to be affected by everything that is going on, and it’s going to be interesting to see how that’s handled.

Regardless, come October, Netflix might crash from all the simultaneous streams.

Justice League


I am already on Death Row with this film, and I fear I’m going to receive a lot of backlash for saying anything else about it. I’ll just go ahead anyway.

I am not excited for Justice League, and if me from three years ago read this, I would lose faith in myself (that makes sense, right?). The thing is, we live in a post-Avengers world. Hell, we live in a post-Ant-Man world. We’re at a point now when competition in the comic book movie genre is at its peak. Excuse my business mindset here, but in order to get ahead, you need to be able to make films that stand out.

Marvel have been very smart with their films, because all of them, in one way or the other, stand out. This year alone, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been its own distinct space opera, Spider-Man: Homecoming has been a John-Hughes-style high school film, and Thor: Ragnarok looks like it’s going to be a road trip film of sorts (more on that in a bit). Fox’s Logan was a film far too mature to be a comic book movie. Even Wonder Woman, which I loved, was a powerful war film. All of these films are great because they are fresh in their own nature.

The problem with the Justice League film is that it just looks so bland, and the trailers are no different. It just looks like another heroes-come-together-to-stop-an-alien-threat film, and honestly that is all that it is. Is this film too early? Yes. It is. Three of the five (excluding Superman) members of the Justice League are making their first appearance in the DC cinematic universe, and them jumping right into something of this scale is crazy. My biggest fear is that it’s just going to be long, drawn-out action sequences with nothing much in between.

I hate to make the Avengers parallel, but I have to. There are basically two action set pieces in The Avengers, and a lot of the movie is devoted to actually making the team a team. I am not sure if the Justice League movie will be able to do that.

Furthermore, the tone is just all over the place. I’ve disliked both trailers for this film because I think the choice of the soundtrack has been laughable. Whoever thought rock music would be a better choice than an orchestra score, at least for the trailers, really set the wrong mood. I might be nitpicking here, but one of the DC Universe’s biggest problems has been its tone, which, despite what anyone will tell you, has been a complete mess. Choosing to go all out and have the tone of Independence Day for this movie is very strange.

Maybe my idea of a Justice League movie is different to most. I respect everyone’s opinions but I’m just not sold on this movie. The fact that it is sandwiched between Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi really isn’t helping it much. Disney is evil. But, for the sake of the comic book film, I really, really hope my thoughts about Justice League change dramatically when I watch the film.

I will end this section with things I liked. The idea that everyone is throwing around quips I do not like. It is unfitting and, quite frankly, very Marvel-esque. However, the one character that does seem to have this as a benefit is Ezra Miller’s Flash. He just looks great.

I liked the Steppenwolf reveal on Themyscira. That was a nice touch.

Also, the end of the trailer can either be Superman or Green Lantern. Personally, I think it’s the former, but speculate as you will.

Thor: Ragnarok


I just realised how long the last section was. Wow.

Anyway, the last trailer I want to talk about is Thor: Ragnarok. Right off the bat, I’ll address my one concern, and it’s that there will be a lot of exposition in the film, of which I’m not a fan.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how incredible this trailer is.

The things seen are brilliant. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is always beyond perfect. The Hulk and Thor relationship seems to be one that is going to be fun. Also, The Hulk can talk in Hulk form, albeit with a little broken grammar. Cate Blanchett’s Hela looks like she’s going to be a true menace on screen (making this the only year ever in which all of the villains in Marvel films are excellent. One can only hope). My knowledge of Norse mythology made me immediately recognise Fenris Wolf, who I somehow did not know was associated with Marvel Norse mythology, but that was nice to see. Loki is clearly on Thor’s side, but what is most interesting to me is that in the Infinity War footage shown at D23, I read that Loki is shown handing the Tesseract over to Thanos. Loki lives up to his trickster moniker. Loki is just amazing in the MCU.

The last shot showed the Hulk flying right into Surtur, and my first thought was ‘Dormammu’. I just hope Surtur is better.

Evidently, this film is not holding back on ‘Ragnarok’. There appear to be many, many elements but that is the point. It is the end of the nine realms as we supposedly know it.

As I’ve mentioned before when talking about this film, despite all the characters and actors in the film, Taika Waititi being in the director’s chair is what excites me the most. Just watch Hunt For the Wilderpeople.

I’m going to stop here because this has been long. Despite what I may have said about the Justice League, I still cannot wait to watch all of these. What are trailers for?


The Defenders Trailer Gets Your Excitement on Steroids

Marvel have been killing it on Netflix. Say what you want about Iron Fist, the only reason it was so criticised is because the bar for it was set so high for it by Jessica Jones and Daredevil. If those hadn’t come before it, everyone would have loved Iron Fist. Luke Cage is… Passable.

Naturally, when the time comes for all four heroes to finally come together for a series, the excitement is uncontrollable, and you think you can’t get any more excited. That is, until Netflix decides to give us a trailer.

We had a teaser before, but it wasn’t much. This is a complete trailer. And if there’s one thing the trailer tries to make sure you understand, it’s that everything that has happened so far matters, and it does so by using most of its time to show as many characters as it can. Hoping I haven’t missed anyone, the list includes the four main characters, Stick, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Claire Temple, Elektra (who definitely has a big role), Sigourney Weaver’s character, Madam Gao, Colleen Wing and Patsy Walker. No Punisher though.

Clearly, elements from every preceding show exist in this one. Furthermore, the interactions between the four heroes is highlighted, and it’s exactly how it should be.

I’m glad this trailer arrived when there is just under a month left until release, because I might have died in anticipation if there was any more.

Lastly, the only reason I selected that image to be the feature is that I love it. See if you can spot why.


The Last Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer is Exactly What It Should Be

I don’t usually have my featured images be vertical posters, but I had to make an exception with this one because a) That’s the only new picture I could find for this movie, and b) That new poster is just awesome.

What is (hopefully) the final trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived, and it is awesome.

In contrast to my earlier very long review for The Flash season 3 today, this will be a short review. Also juxtaposing that, this will be pretty positive.

This is a very well made trailer, for one particular reason: its music. It begins pretty upbeat, very in line with the tone of this movie, and then when Michael Keaton’s Vulture comes on screen, it turns on its head and becomes quite ominous. This is actually a really nice touch, even though it’s a pretty big cliche in the world of movie trailers. With this particular movie, however, I hope it’s an indication of how both characters will be. It also sets up The Vulture to be one of the more memorable Marvel villains, which would be a good streak following the greatness that was Ego the Living Planet. That is a weird sentence.

In terms of what’s actually in the trailer, I don’t have much to say because most of it has been seen before. I did particularly like the shot of the Vulture taking Spider-Man up into the sky with him.

Overall, this is a trailer that gets you excited for the movie just by showing you things you’ve seen before, to different music and edited slightly differently, and strangely, that’s not a bad thing. This is actually a great trailer, and July can’t come soon enough!

You can watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0D3AOldjMU

Stray observation: Much like Batman v Superman, this movie has a good first trailer, a second trailer that gives too much away, and a groovy, brilliant third trailer. I really do hope the similarities end there, though.

The Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Has (Norse) Godly Amounts of Awesome

The internet was buzzing last week when James Gunn stated that the Thor: Ragnarok teaser is the best Marvel ever put together (and if James Gunn says something, you better believe it), and rumours began spreading like wildfire of the teaser being released soon. This teaser was so anticipated, in fact, that Screen Junkies News even made a video discussing the fact this is the regular time before a Marvel movie that a teaser is released. There was a lot of anticipation for this.

Having said that, it has been received in a mixed manner, which is not surprising for the internet. However, I would like to consider my agreement with James Gunn entirely justified. The complaints are majorly the fact that the teaser has a rather light tone, and that apparently the whole film has been given away.

Taika Waititi is directing this movie, and if anybody knows anything about his films, they’d know that he specialises in comedy (and, in the rarest of occurrences these days, does spectacular comedy), and that he never said this film would be otherwise. The funniest thing about this complaint of the teaser being too funny is that there is barely anything to laugh about in it. Let’s break it down.

We see Thor lose his most prized possession. Really funny. We see Asgard get annihilated. Hilarious! Thor gets kidnapped. That’s a great laugh.
The only moment that offers a laugh is one which does it great, and it comes right at the end with the Hulk reveal.

Now, having said what is in the teaser, it should be known that everything that is seen is all from the first to middle-second act. Mjolnir being destroyed has been known for a while, Asgard’s fall is one of the basic constituents of Ragnarok in Norse mythology (and, subsequently, Marvel’s Norse mythology), and the Hulk reveal? Has anybody who criticised that not known anything about this movie?

The final criticism I will address before going on to vomit out praise regards the music. There is no argument here. It is amazing.

In fact, I’ll start with the music. It gives you goosebumps. Granted, the ‘high pitched screech’ is nothing new, but it is entirely appropriate for a movie like this, as is the fast paced back track, which ensures a quick-moving thrill ride of a movie to come. That’s actually something Marvel deserve applause for, in all of their teaser trailers. Their movie scores may not be anything special – except perhaps The Avengers’ one – but their trailer tracks are brilliant.

Now, I can only assume the opening setting is Muspelheim, meaning Surtur is likely involved in that scene, or more appropriately it could be Helheim, seeing as Cate Blanchett’s Hela is seen prominently early on. Speaking of, she is just magnificent, and in her few seconds on screen, appears set to be one of Marvel’s best villains to date. Valkyrie is seen, and her role in the film becomes clearer. Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is also seen, as is Tom Hiddlestone’s (perfect) Loki. My fears of overcrowding in this film have vanished, seeing just how balanced all the characters are in this teaser. Even more so, the fact that the movie will get going right from the start makes it all the more exciting.

Now, the final Hulk reveal was inevitable, but I was not expecting it to be as it was. That’s the brilliance of Waititi’s comedy: it hits you when you least expect it, and it lands, without ruining important moments (looking at you, Doctor Strange). Thor initially seems shocked, then scared, about The Hulk’s appearance as his opponent in The Grandmaster’s arena, but then he laughs and almost celebrates the prospect of facing a friend – who will supposedly not hurt him – and finding Bruce Banner after he goes missing. Of course, that doesn’t exactly pay off, and the final, mouth-watering shot is the two of them colliding.

Just exquisite.

My excitement for this film sky-rocketed after watching this trailer. My biggest concern for it is the release date, which puts it very close to the Justice League and may hurt the film’s commercial success, but I hope people don’t refuse to watch it in order to watch the Justice League. Do yourself a favour. Watch both.

After a run of mostly mediocre trailers as of late, this teaser really stands out. Well done, everyone who put it together. James Gunn was right.

As I can’t place the trailer here, I’m presenting you with the link to it, over here.


The Second Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer is Great Despite Swinging a Little Too Far


These trailers just don’t stop, do they?

On Sunday, rumours surfaced of a new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, and yesterday those rumours were made fact. Today, Marvel’s second film of the year got its second trailer, and it is rather polarising.

I am a huge Spider-Man fan and have been since I was four. Naturally, I’m excited for this movie, and considering the fact that Marvel Studios is producing it, I would have loved anything this trailer had to offer. And, I do. Everything this trailer shows us is fantastic. But the key word here is everything. Everything.

A condition trailers today often suffer from is that they reveal far too many details about the movie. Interestingly, my last trailer review criticised the Justice League trailer for doing the opposite, but that was because it felt like the trailer was obsolete in its existence. My expectations for this trailer were for it to be like the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War. That is, to build off of the first trailer and present similar plot details in a different way.

While it does actually work off the first trailer (which was good but not really that good), it added an overdose of additional details. I am now able to do what a trailer absolutely shouldn’t allow me to do: Sketch out the three acts of this film, in sequence. Read ahead with a mild spoilers caution.

It’s clear now that Peter Parker wants to get into the Avengers team, but Tony Stark thinks otherwise, possibly testing Peter’s ability. Peter tries to prove himself, messes up on that boat, and Tony takes away the suit he made for him. Peter takes his old suit out again and uses it in the final act to take down the Vulture, after which Tony Stark is impressed and gives Peter his suit back.

I don’t view this in the same light as the Doomsday reveal in the Batman v Superman trailer 2, because nothing very major is revealed, but it could have been toned down a notch. Not to say it has anything bad in it, because here’s all the good stuff.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture looks great, as he already did. I like that his character ties in to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be a one-dimensional villain (Hopefully. It’s Michael Keaton. Do him justice!). Peter Parker’s high school life looks like it’s going to be fun, with a lot of emphasis on his relationship with his best friend Ned Leeds, and Liz Allen, Peter’s actual first love interest. Tony Stark seems to have a lot of involvement in this film and I’m okay with that because the trailer hints that he’s woven into the main plot as well. Also, a lot of the action in this film seems to be vehicle-based, from helicopters to a ship to an aircraft, and I’m particularly excited about the last one because even after five films we’re able to see Spider-Man in a completely new setting.

So that’s that. I actually wanted a second trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, which should really be getting more attention than it is right now, but what we got was pretty great too, even though it went deep into spoiler territory. July can’t come soon enough!

The Justice League Trailer is Just… Bad


I’m going to get a lot of hate for this. Oh well.

Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for the Justice League movie, and it leaves me wondering why.

Last year, the Comic Con ‘First Look’ introduced the characters in this movie. This trailer does nothing more, except add a few frames of destruction.

I’m not saying there should have been spoilers or anything (I’m not a fan of trailers that do that), but I’m not sure what the aim of this trailer was. Some of the action does seem great, but there are so many shots that just look like someone vomited out CGI. We’re three movies in (four if you count Wonder Woman) and you would think DC would learn from their previous mistakes. Zack Snyder can be a visually talented director (as Watchmen would indicate), but when it comes to action in the DC Cinematic Universe, he tends to make his sets and pretty much every frame look overcrowded, unappealing and occasionally hurtful to the eye. I was hoping for something different with this film, but this trailer proves me wrong from start to finish.

On the subject of CGI, Cyborg looks laughably bad in this trailer. I’m certain he’ll be fixed before the final film, but given that this movie releases in November, couldn’t the CGI just be finished before putting a trailer together? That is apparent, the fact that this trailer seems rushed amid all the buzz Marvel has for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and even Thor: Ragnarok. It takes away from what could have been, however, as the trailer does feel like choppy bits of film put together with some music. It starts off cohesively, and then jumps into a mess. Warner Bros. should have taken more time with this and released something that made this movie seem like the one to catch this year, but it failed to hit the mark.

There are a few interesting moments in this, however. We see Mera, Barry Allen meets his father, and JK Simmons’ Jim Gordon gets a moment at the end. The trailer needed more of those. The rest of it just felt like it was trying to sell its action and destruction, which I’m never a big fan of.

Another thing that bothers me is the colour palette that is used across the trailer, and seemingly across the movie. Zack Snyder has always used bland colour schemes – which isn’t especially bad because the bright colours stand out more – but it’s even more dull than usual in this, and that’s a concern for me. I don’t want to be watching a movie in which there’s a boring, monotonous choice of colour throughout. I hope this is corrected before the movie comes out.

DC tends to release great trailers (except the second trailer for Batman v Superman, my boiling hatred for which you can read about here), but this one fell flat. Maybe I’m being too harsh, and I probably am, but DC has been disappointing for three films in a row, so this film needs to be something special and nothing less than that. It’s funny that this is actually a Justice League movie and should be something I’m losing my mind about, but DC and Zack Snyder’s track record leave me skeptical and ultimately critical. I probably stand alone on this opinion about this trailer, and that’s okay, but the hole has been dug so deep for DC that they need something less generic and less sloppy than this to pull themselves out of it.

Note: I usually attach the trailer at the end, but after moving to WordPress, I can’t do that unless I buy a premium plan… So trailer reviews are going to have to be trailer-less for a little while.



Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad new trailers – Trailer(s) Review

I woke up this morning to find one trailer and one clip, and I had to talk about them.

The new Suicide Squad trailer is pretty much the same as the previous one, with a different score. Personally, I prefer Bohemian Rhapsody, but whatever. There’s new footage involving Amanda Waller at the start, and a surprisingly large amount of Batman. I don’t have a problem with that, because I knew he was going to be in the movie (unlike Doomsday). So I applaud the marketing team for not spoiling the whole movie.

The Captain America: Civil War clip really caught my eye. For one thing, it’s not a series of six clips (I realise I’m pointing my finger at DC again. I loved Batman v Superman, I just think the marketing was really dodgy), and for another, it consists of a lot that we’ve already seen in the two trailers. But there’s one thing that I’m very sure many people have not observed.

Chris Evans enters flying in randomly at the start, and then it shows Anthony Mackie, after which Elizabeth Olsen flies in. Now this is what I appreciate. It then showed Wanda elevate Steve into a building. Right there, Captain America’s crazy entrance is explained, and not once (like, the Star Wars prequels) was it directly told to the audience how it happened. That’s a great thing. It’s a really great thing. It’s small. But I value it because it’s creative screenwriting and it’s not just lazily told to the audience.

Captain America: Civil War is weeks away, and if it’s anything like the visuals, action or even dialogue of this one clip, it should be astounding.

The Captain America: Civil War clip isn’t on YouTube, but I’ve attached the Suicide Squad one.

Captain America: Civil War trailer 2 – Trailer Review

I needed something really badly to halt my hype train for Daredevil Season 2 and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Marvel, the kind folk they are, answered my call. But there is a side effect – This is all I can think about now!

This trailer was really told in single frames, so I’m going to do something like a frame-by-frame review, which is what it deserves.

Right off the bat, you know this movie will look beautiful. Just look at this wide shot.

I’m not quite sure what significance this place has yet, but it looks great.

Now I need to talk about the score. The first trailer felt energetic and was really about hyping fans up for the action they’d see, but what I love about this trailer is that it’s really subtle, and the music is soft but deep, and really has a progressive build as the trailer goes on. That sets the tone really. And with that, there are a couple of places that I’d noted that really will hit you hard, the first of which is actually something that I’m sure not that many people have caught.

When General Ross talks about the places that have been destroyed, he mentions Sokovia, and you see Scarlett Witch wince. In the background, as the focus shifts to him, you see Steve Rogers eyeing her, and then says “That’s enough”. Just that one shot is so beautiful. Wanda is still dealing with the effect of her home being destroyed, and she really is still a child after everything that’s happened to her. I love how Steve has a kind of fatherly relationship with her. It really is beautiful.

The next one comes a few seconds later, with the explosion that’s seen in the first trailer. T’Challa was in that, and I say T’Challa and not Black Panter because he was in the suit the whole time in the first trailer. This was the first we’ve seen him without it, and he looks devastated. He was in that explosion, and it’s unclear as to why, but it’s possible that it was a United Nations event, and he was there with his father. In Civil War, his father dies in that event. Maybe… Maybe.
And once again I will say that Chadwick Boseman is a great choice. He really is. 

The last frame I’d like to talk about is something we’ve already seen in the first trailer, although in this one they show War Machine being shot down. Do I think he’s dead? No. I think he’s saved before impact, because they wouldn’t show a death in a trailer. Now what I’d actually like to talk about with this part is the dialogue. “I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you”. You really get some insight to Tony Stark’s view here. It’s amazing. Steve Rogers can fight for his friend, but he’s willing to risk Stark’s best friend for it. Just think about that. This movie will be an emotional thriller, and I’m sure of it. The Russo Brothers are perfect for the job after they did The Winter Soldier (they’re directing Infinity Wars too).

Now let me get to a few of the action reveals. This seems beautifully choreographed, to a point where it appears to not be choreographed at all, which is a compliment, mind you. First you see Black Panther maul over The Winter Soldier in a complete mess, but that’s why it’s so good.

I mean look at it, it’s a mess in all honesty. But that’s what makes it great. I don’t like action scenes that look fake, like in the Star Wars prequels, but the ones that seem raw and inspired, like in The Return Of The Jedi when Luke Skywalker snaps and brutally assaults his dad. That’s what the action in the movie feels like. And that’s beautiful.

Even Black Widow, wow. Her character looks to be great in this. Characters, all of them are spot on in this, and I love how Black Widow is being made to be that important, considering she’s really close to Steve Rogers, but believes in Tony Stark’s ideals, and that’s she’s just lost the man she loves. Her role will be important, and I have a feeling she might betray Team Iron Man. Which I have no problem with.

This scene. For all the people who said Vision could just annihilate the other team, they forgot that Scarlett Witch is uncontrollably powerful.

But it’s worth remembering that these are good people. Neither would want to kill anyone from the other team. Vision because he’s too pure, and Scarlett Witch because she’s too timid. This is very interesting. And I’d like to see if they’ll go the romantic route with these two. It’s what they’re known for.

I need to quickly mention Crossbones taking a jab at Captain America. I have a feeling he’ll have a really big role in this movie, and comic book fans would know what I mean by that. We still haven’t seen Baron Zemo yet, and it’ll be nice to see them save that until the movie. 

The last action scene I need to talk about is the one in this picture.

I just… Wow. I knew we’d have moments like these, but looking at it is just so great. And he goes through Iron Man’s fingers and lands on his arm, it’s so magnificent. And look at that refined detail on Hawkeye’s arrow. They went all out with it.

Finally, before I get to the main talking point, this one frame.

That is how you pack emotion into acting. That is unbelievable. From the low colour scheme to the make-up to the eyes and his expressions. Robert Downey Junior, in this one shot, show’s Tony Stark’s anger, fear, sorrow and raw pain in this moment. Just look at it. One expression. That is exactly why he’s paid so much. I’m pretty sure that nobody else could have pulled this off. Unbelievable.

And I’ll talk about something with Steve Rogers too, to even things out. “Stay down, final warning”, said Iron Man. “I could do this all day”, replied Captain America. Didn’t get it? That’s straight out of the street fight scene in Captain America: The First Avenger. I liked that reference.

And finally, of course, the thing after the title. I had a bet with a friend about this yesterday before the trailer came out. And let’s just say I’m two rupees better off now. What I’m talking about, of course, is in the first picture of the review.

“Alright, I’ve run out of patience. Underoos!” I liked that line from Tony Stark. It was as if he broke the fourth wall. And then, he appeared. And he looked so amazing. That suit is an exact replica of the classic Spider-Man suit, and I love that they went that route. The expressive eyes are a good addition too. Also, I liked the one line he had. “Hey everyone”. That is as Peter Parker as Peter Parker can get, and suddenly I have an unbelievable amount of faith in Tom Holland’s portrayal. Also, I squealed like an eight year old. No regrets.

This is a trailer. This is how you make a trailer. And I can’t believe there’s still two months to wait. May 6th can’t come any sooner!

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice final trailer – Trailer Review

For those of you who don’t know, I had a pretty huge rant about the second trailer for this movie. I don’t think I’ve ever so passionately detested a movie trailer before.
This one though, this one different.

It is the last one, and so had to be spectacular, similar to the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer three that set the internet on fire. And, much like in that image above, flames erupted with this trailer.

Looking back on the first two trailers, this one is the best of the lot. In fact, I wish this was the only one. It combined the fast pace of the second trailer, with the hype of the first. It didn’t spoil anything major (that hadn’t already been spoiled in trailer two, that is).

The opening was great. It showed us so many things in basically a few seconds. Jeremy Irons’ Alfred will be more hands-on than any we’ve seen before, similar to the Arkham games, and Ben Affleck’s Batman is just perfect. That opening action sequence was as close to Batman from any Arkham game I’ve played or any graphic novel or comic book I’ve read. Look, I love Nolan’s movies, but they didn’t have this side of Batman, really. He was pretty much a weak fighter. That was more of the Ninja side of Batman. Michael Keaton was a good detective, and let’s not delve into any Batmen under Joel Schumacher. Snyder’s, or Affleck’s, Batman, feels like Batman. I was really skeptical about Affleck’s casting back in 2013, but definitely not anymore. Coming to think of it, this really is a Batman trailer. The teaser focused on Superman, while the other two trailers were a mix. Good balance.

There’s barely any new footage at all. Even some of Lex Luthor’s lines are carried over. Luthor, by the way, will not disappoint, despite what everyone already is complaining about Jesse Eisenburg’s portrayal.

The score for this trailer is just brilliant. The music consistently builds up and drops, and it adds a great effect to it. This subtlety and tone is really what this movie needs, and I hope the final product is something similar.

The final shot. Oh my goodness, that final shot. I’m not even going to describe it, just watch it. Henry Cavill’s acting is incredible.

This movie has been building up for over 75 years, and I’ve never been more excited to see it. Please, Warner Brothers, do not mess this up.

Captain America: Civil War Trailer World Premiere – Why I Loved It

This is part two of a two part series, explaining how, and how not, to make movie trailers.
Part one is linked here: http://reviewsbymihir.blogspot.in/2016/01/batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice.html

Captain America: Civil War opens on the 6th of May, and the first trailer was unveiled by Robert Downey Junior and Chris Evans on Jimmy Kimmel Live, on the 24th of November, 2015.
The film stars Evans as Captain America, RDJ as Iron Man, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Tom Holland as Spider-Man and many, many more.

It was thought that a trailer for this movie was long overdue, and when it finally landed, the internet exploded. For a good reason.
I watched this trailer a million times, and can never get enough of it. I actually developed so much of a fetish to it, that I made one myself. It’s nowhere near as good as the actual one, but it was fun to make nonetheless.

The trailer starts off simple, leaving off from the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I liked that. It’s good to see that this is still a sequel to the previous movie, which in itself was brilliant. It’s known immediately that the government is after James Barnes (Bucky) for his acts as The Winter Soldier. Steve Rogers, however, knows that he was under the influence of HYDRA, and it can be seen that he is mostly recovered from that. At the same time, it’s revealed that the government wants superheroes under their control, which is the basis for the Civil War story.
That is pretty much all I know about the plot. And I’m not complaining about that. I’m praising it. If you read through my problems with the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, you’d know that I don’t like spoilers, and this trailer has me excited for the movie, while leaving a lot of the surprises to the movie.

Of course, I analysed this trailer with everything in my arsenal. That’s what I do. I spotted Crossbones, without the help of the internet. (For anyone who wants to know, I chose the Dark Side when Google introduced the Star Wars theme, hence the glowing red time bar)

But I didn’t find anything that put me off. And I liked that. Pretty much every second of this trailer has something that I can get pumped up for, while not ruining anything for me. Plot details are revealed, but they are core plot details, that is general information, rather than something that could come as a surprise. The supposed teams before this released were almost identical to the ones confirmed in this trailer, and of course, Black Panther!

The difference between this and the revealed in the BvS trailer is that we knew he was going to be in the movie, so it didn’t spoil anything for us. It just made me happy to see him. That’s the thing. This trailer served one purpose: Introduction, and that’s what it did. Iron man’s first reveal was great, and you can really understand both sides of the conflict. Spider-Man hasn’t been shown yet, but perhaps a tease later on, or nothing at all until the actual movie could be fine.

What I really want to talk about though, much like the Batman v Superman trailer, is the last sequence. Leading up, there’s a montage of action scenes with heavy music, and the suddenly the screen goes black and the music drops. Then we get some of the most emotional dialogue ever put in a trailer. And you can bet I’m going to transcript all of it.

Steve Rogers: “I’m sorry Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice. But he’s my friend”.
Tony Stark: “So was I”.

This is where I realised that the Russo Brothers are right for the job. Just like The Winter Soldier, they’re going to put emotion into this. It’s going to be personal. I know a lot of people are going to have problems with that, arguing that Civil War was about ideologies and not a personal vendetta, but I prefer this. It adds a weight to the movie. Depth. You can see why Captain America is fighting for his friend, but you can see how Iron Man is feeling, and you can sympathise with him.
This is interesting. Look at Tony Stark. He’s a billionaire, genius, playboy and philanthropist (not my words), but at the end of the day, despite all of that, he values that friendship he has/had with Steve Rogers. Isn’t that just amazing? Tony Stark’s character from Iron Man to now has evolved so much, and you can understand why. Yes, I made out all of that from just three words. Welcome to my world.

Ending the trailer, immediately following that sequence of dialogue, is one of the most incredible fights the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen thus far. It’s really small scale, but that’s what sold it. And it looks spectacular. Iron Man is completely on the back foot against Captain America and The Winter Soldier, and the very last shot appears to be Steve Rogers slamming his shield into Tony Stark’s head. Then the title comes up in big lettering, and I click replay. Over and over. I’m going to leave it here.

Something worth talking about (potential spoiler):
I didn’t catch this, but my friend did. If you observe Bucky’s lip movements at 1:58, you might read “Steve’s dead!”. Now, at the end of Civil War, Steve Rogers actually does die, but I can’t be sure that the movie adaptation will take the same route. Considering Crossbones (the one who murders him) is in the movie, you never know…

Fun fact: The friend that I mentioned in my Star Wars: The Force Awakens review, the article I did about the Batman v Superman trailer 2, and above, are all the same person.